By: Rafael Spregelburd (Argentina).

DOMINIGHINI, unemployed professor : Alberto Suárez.
SELVA, real estate agent: Mónica Raiola.
CLARA, sketch student, Tandil: Andrea Garrote.
GWYN, A Welsh man: Rafael Spregelburd.

Producer: Corina Cruciani.
Music: Zypce.
Translation to English and Welsh: Des Barry, Rafael Spregelburd.
Welsh accent coach: Des Barry Angie Mullhall.
Set and lighting designer: Rafael Spregelburd.
Assistant: Francesc Jiménez Llinás.
Director: Rafael Spregelburd.


A confusing house for rent, awaiting a family probate trial. A real estate agent makes extra money by renting the place for her lover, an unemployed physics professor, who plans a million-dollar scam at NASA. A place where modernity did not lay its wings. And suddenly, hope: a foreigner who arrives from Cardiff, escaping a mysterious past, will become the missing part of a ridiculous plan to save themselves: a scam – criminal, linguistic and unsuccessful – in a city where no identity is anyway, static.

Monday 24 & Tuesday 25, 20:00
Length: 01:30