By: Luis Enrique Ortíz Monasterio (Mexico).
Director: Ariel Farace (Argentina).
Assistant director: Mauricio Montes.

Victoriano Huerta: José Carlos Rodríguez.
Salvador Díaz Mirón: José Sefami.
Edith O’Shaugnessy: Francia Castañeda.
Nelson O’Shaugnessy: Saúl Mercado.
Lieutenant: Mauricio Montes Amorós.

Creative team

Set designer and prop master: Kuartoh Arquitectura and Diseño.
Lighting designer: Lydia Margules.
Costume designer: Emilienne Limón.
Scenophony: Nanika Estudio.
Graphic designer: Leonor Hernández.


With half the country up in arms, Victoriano Huerta assumes the presidency of the Republic only to find himself in more problems than he already had. His friend, Salvador Díaz Mirón, the poet and director of the newspaper El Imparcial, and the United States Chargé d’Affaires in Mexico, Nelson O ‘Shaugnessy, are part of the series of events that accompany the fall of the dictator between 1913 and 1914, including Huerta’s desire to “take care of some money” for when he retires.

“Falling with Victoriano” tackles in an acidic and fun way what for many is one of the most turbulent chapters in the history of Mexico. Edith O’Shaugnessy, the wife of the American Chargé d’Affaires, is the one who brings us the account of the events. Like Edith, the author distances himself from the “official story” to offer us another look at what happened and thus light up the present. A blunt and cruel look, but of a profound humanity.