Stories that I want to tell you in person*

By: Lally Katz (Australia).
Director: Anne-Louise Sarks (Australia).

Lally Katz

Creative Team
Set and costume designer: Ralph Myers.
Lighting designer: Damien Cooper.
Composer and sound designer:  Max Lyandvert.
Production: Malthouse Theatre & Belvoir. 


Lally may be alone on stage but she cannot be further from loneliness, as she brings with her a large cast of characters – from fortune tellers and mediums to Mississippi evangelicals – that she has found on a personal mission to save herself from her own curses. Known in Australia for surrendering to fantasy, this writer is living proof that art imitates life. For more than a decade, playwright Lally Katz has been one of the Australian writers who have entered the world of fable the most, letting herself be carried to the furthest shores of imagination and bringing back her findings. In this sense, she now presents on stage one of her most unexpected themes: herself.

Mexico City.

Teatro La Gruta del Centro Cultural Helénico.
Revolución 1500, Guadalupe Inn
Date: August 25
Time: 20:30

* Performed in English with Spanish subtitles.