Or the structure of the years in-between

By: Martin Bieri  (Switzerland)
Director: Marie Bues  Keller (Switzerland)

Creative team
Set designer:  Heike Mondschein
Music: Christine Hasler
Technology: Marek Streit / Thomas Kohler

Productionn in Mexico
DramaFest and Prohelvetia

Catriona Guggenbühl 
Anne Haug
Grazia Pergoletti
Vera von Gunten


Four women, four ages: a piece about the passage of time. It raises the question of who makes the years go by on the clock. It talks about the horror of what is coming and about the happiness of having things behind you. And the denial to let age take precedence over beauty. “Because we always change, incessantly. Tomorrow we will not be what we were or what we are today. All devouring time, and you, jealous: let them consume you. Bite everything, piece by piece, and let it die forever. ” (Ovid, Metamorphosis)



Mexico City

Capilla Gótica, Centro Cultural Helénico.
Av. Revolución 1500, Guadalupe Inn
01020, Mexico City
Dates: August 9 & 10
Time: 20:30