By: Ximena Escalante (Mexico).
Director: Carlos Corona (Mexico).
Assistant director: Ixchel de la Rosa Olarte.

Leona Vicario: Karina Gidi.
Andrés Quintana Roo: Carlos Aragón.
Creole woman: Gabriela Pérez Negrete.
Cook and maid: Carmen Ramos.
An officer: Bernardo Velazco.
A thief: Raúl Villegas.
Fernandita: Micaela Gramajo.

Creative Team:
Lighting designer: Matías Gorlero.
Set designer and prop master: Edyta Rzewuska.
Costume designer: Edyta Rzewuska.
Scenophony: Jacobo Liberman.


An actress in a nervous breakdown. A thief with the spirit of a poet. A maid with artistic aspirations. A disappointed lover. Another envious actress. A play that talks about Leona Vicario. A romance in the War of Independence. An uprising soldier who knows he is not a hero. A woman who fights for her skin color and her fortune. An officer-philosopher. One, two, three, many panic attacks. One night. An apartment in Mexico City, where coincidences and reality cross the border of what’s possible.