Novo in the Mictlán

Dramatic poem based on Salvador Novo’s poetry.

By: Luis Felipe Fabre* (Mexico).
Director: Benjamin Lazar (France) y Thomás Gonzalez (France).

Salvador Novo has just died. He debuts his new role as deceased. But he is not in the company of the great poets of his time, but at the entrance to Mictlán. Chased by his reflection, he travels the underworld cursing and shedding his poems. In his latest Coatlicue costume, he says goodbye among memories and fecal matter.

This scathing rhapsody accompanied by boleros takes us to the doors of the afterlife.

Creative Team

Assistant director: Julien Le Gargasson
Set designer and prop master:  Jesús Hernández*
Lighting designer: Patricia Gutiérrez*
Costume designer: Edyta Rzewuska.
Soundtrack and video designer: Yurief Nieves and Redoba Producciones.
French translation of the play: Lisandro Abadie.


Novo: Tito Vasconcelos.

Reflection: Pedro Kominik.

On stage musicians: Yurief NievesLiber Terán, Iñaki / Efrén Díaz.

Production Team

Carpenter: Macedonio Cervantes, Iván Cervantes, Eusebio Cervantes, Leonardo Villanueva, Rodolfo Cruz, Juan Carlos Cruz, Ernesto Cruz, Roberto Águila, Luciano Martínez, Jaime Lule and Víctor Ramírez.
Paint crew: Paso de Gato: Jesús Castillo, Francisco Durán, Carlos Castillo, Suriel Velazco, Karina Becerra, Carmen Yberri and Oswaldo Garnica.
Costume maker: Ben-Hadad Gómez..

*Artistic member of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte.

Mexico City.

Teatro El Granero, Xavier Rojas. Centro Cultural del Bosque.
Dates: August 5 to 28. Time: Friday 20:00
Saturday 19:00 and Sunday 18:00


Mérida, Yucatán.

Teatro Libertad.
Date: September 4
Time: 18:00