Yoko: A woman in her own world walks happily

Written and directed by: Bárbara Colio
Actress: Marissa Saavedra

Synopsis: In the middle of the war, a woman in her own world walks happily. The blue mountains that covered Yoko Ono’s town next to Hiroshima, turn white and stark. A giant mushroom appears before her eyes revealing the brutal beauty of destruction. What would the world be like if the bullet that killed John Lennon would have killed Yoko Ono instead?

Minimum age recommendation: 15 yo
Approximate duration: 30 min.

Saturn Return*

By: Zoe Méndez Ortiz
Director: Sixto Castro Santillán
Actress: Darling Lucas

Synopsis: A young woman gets pregnant without planning it, something that makes her consider if anyone who is not capable of taking responsibility for one self, can (and wants to…) take responsibility for someone else. At the same time, the fragility of her relationship is revealed..

Minimum age recommendation: 15 yo
Approximate duration: 30 min.

* Play written under the program of Specific Artistic Residences of FONCA 2018, Centro Banff, Canada.

Grand Slam

By: Valentina Garibay
Director: Sixto Castro Santillán
Actress: Valentina Garibay

Synopsis: Monologue triggered by The Imposter Syndrome. The anecdote exposes the conflict that a tennis player experiences when she feels displaced by her opponent. A reflection on how chaotic and agonizing competition can be. “Could there not be a place in the whole universe that is only for me?”

Minimum age recommendation: 15 yo
Approximate duration: 30 min.


By: Azucena Godínez*
Director: Sixto Castro Santillán
Actress: Belén Mercado

Synopsis: An unborn enjoys itself inside it’s mother’s womb, trusting that its parents’ dream will come true when it is born and turns into their “champion boy”. Suddenly, an ultrasound reveals that it is actually a girl. The unborn starts an unforeseen and disturbing adventure.

Minimum age recommendation: 15 yo
Approximate duration: 30 min.

* Member of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte del FONCA








Creative team

Sound designer: Pedro de Tavira
Costume designer and prop master: Mario Marín
Assistant director: Damián Rojas
Technical operation: Armando Montiel


Walkway MUAC.

Centro Cultural Universitario.
November 27 & 28, 2021
12:00 & 16:00


Green space.

December 04 & 05, 2021


Plaza Ángel Salas.

Centro Cultural del Bosque
December 18 & 19, 2021
13:30 & 16:00

“This program is public and it is unrelated to any political party. The use for other purposes other than those established in the program is prohibited.”