DramaFest was born beneath a shower, and thanks to the diversity of its participants, now it premieres beneath the rain. It is a festival that has been through water; a summer festival. Of course, only in Mexico, summer and rain go hand to hand. We mustn’t forget that we live in the country of paradoxes, so DramaFest has its own.

It is said that theatre is a look inside, but in this festival we want to look outside and raise matters for discussion to confront with the other, with the others, with other countries, with other states, with other languages. In any case, DramaFest is a diversion that is betting on the new writing, making guts out of budgets and heart out of theatre.

Finally, a happy paradox about this project is that, in a historic moment where no one seems to agree on anything, there is a festival where the most different people and the most diverse institutions share the same vision. Our infinite gratitude to all who in a personal or institutional level have joined this adventure.




Artistic Director: Aurora Cano.
General Producer: Sebastián Sánchez Amunátegui.
PR: Nicolás Alvarado.
Assistant PR: María Elena Garnica.
Assistant Producers: Martha Ladrón de Guevara,  Ixchel Sánchez,  Rubén Prado.
Assessment Council: Luis Mario Moncada (Playwriting), Mauricio García Lozano (Stage Directing),   Juliana Faesler (Visual Arts), Emma Dib (Acting).
Media and Promotion: Mariana Padilla.
Creativity: Ernesto Anaya.
Graphic Designer: Leonor Hernández
English version of the website: Alfonsina Paredes


DramaFest acknowledgements: Kytzia Aguilar, Juan Martín Almaraz, Alma Patricia Alvarado, Arte7, Jéssica Berlanga, Rocío Bermejo, Diana Bracho, Gabriela Cámara, Susan Chapman, Carlos Corona, Ana Cruz, Claudia D ́Agostino, Rosa Eguiza, Ignacio Escárcega, Vicky Featherstone, Rafael Ferragut, Ana María González, Julieta González, Federico González Compeán, Circe Henestrosa, Esther Hernández Palacios, Leticia Huijara, ILEF, Juana Legorreta, Leopoldo Lozano, Denise Maerker, Lydia Margules, Delia Martínez, Otto Minera, Luis Mario Moncada, Ana Moreno, Carolina Monroy del Mazo, Agustín Mustieles, Rodolfo Ortega, Guillermo Osorno, Miguel Ángel Pineda, Héctor Reyes, Lidia Esther Sánchez, Enrique Singer. A Ernesto, Francisco and Eunice, for the patience….