By: Delfina Careaga.
Director: Aarón Hernández.
She: Muriel Ricard.
He: Andrés Montiel.

In the basement of a house, a mother and a son are debating between madness and loneliness through the invention of new realities. They are victims of their own fantasies and they find a way to escape their fears and nightmares through self-sacrifice.

Monday, August 9, 18:30. Teatro Helénico, Mexico City

Wednesday, September 8, 18:00, Auditorio, Centro Regional de Cultura “Felipe Villanueva”, Tecámac.

The room

By: Bárbara Colio.
Director: Héctor Sánchez.

This reading will be performed by a group of actors from the State of Mexico.

Everything we wish for is in this room; inside it, we need nothing from the outside world- (a world that is aggressive and inhabitable)- to survive. He, freezing to death, watches her, has a virtual relationship with her, who refreshes herself a hundred miles away with the sea breeze. In the middle of the boredom, they both fire voices that echo against the walls; they console themselves with the idea that someone, in the distance, is with them.

His forced departure to the outside world causes a fatal event that reflects the actions of a society that relegates human relationships to contact enabled by computers, interphones, telephones or tape recorders. In the midst of the interference, the soul is lost in a world that, as She says, “doesn’t want to look you in the eyes.

Monday August 9, 20:30, Teatro Helénico, Mexico City

Monday, September 6, 18:00, Sala Multimedia, Centro Regional de Cultura, Apaxco, Edo. Mex.



By: Bryony Lavery.
Translation by: Pilar Ixquic Mata.
Director: Francisco Franco.

I am very grateful to Marian Partington for her words and her courage” – Bryony Lavery

Nancy: Diana Bracho.
Ralph: Luis Miguel Lombana.
Agnetha: Pilar Ixquic Mata.

The day the girl Rhona disappears, her mother, Nancy, enters a state of frozen hope. At the same time, Agnetha, an American professor, arrives in England to continue her research for her thesis: “Serial Murder: A Forgivable Act?” On the other hand, Ralph, a lonely and mysterious man, cannot find a way to quiet down … Fate unites these three characters in undesirable circumstances, and leads them to find the light in the most unexpected places.

Monday, August 16, 20:30, Teatro Helénico, Mexico, D.F

Saturday, September 11, 12:00, Centro Regional de Cultura, Valle de Bravo.


Happy together

By: Leticia Huijara.
Director: Claudia Rios.
Julia: Leticia Huijara.
María: Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez.
Santiago: Juan Carlos Barreto.
Lucía: Pilar Boliver.

The bosom of the family is the center of the conflicts that mark its members and the place where character, genius and figure are born. The mother is dead. The urn of ashes, with the corresponding rite, brings the brothers together for a reckoning. The time has come to undo the house and distribute the accumulated assets, claims, resentments and grudges.

Monday, August 23, 20:30, Teatro Helénico, México City

Thursday, September 9, 17:00, Teatro Juárez, El Oro


By: Linda McLean.
Translated by: María Renée Prudencio.
Director: José Antonio Cordero.
Kenny: Juan Carlos Barreto.
Frank: Hernán Mendoza.
Clare: Mónica Dionne.

Clare, Kenny and Frank haven’t seen each other in years. Each one has found a way to escape. Either they hide, or they run or they erase every trace they leave. But there are unavoidable dates, and this is the right place and the right time. They arrive, unknowingly, at the same place. The same weight sinks to the same depth. It’s inventory time. Time to deal with the waste.

Monday, August 30, 20:30, Teatro Helénico, Mexico City.

Tuesday, September 7, 18:00, Auditorio, Centro Regional de Cultura “Nezahualcoyotl”, Texcoco.