By: Flavio González Mello (Mexico).*
Director: Martín Erazo (Chile).
Assistant director: Michelle Esparza.

Hernán: Rodolfo Arias.
Cecilia: Dobrina Cristeva.
Camargo: Emilio Guerrero.
Ceci: Leny Gruber.
Nan: Carlos Pedreira.
Laurita: Olivia Lagunas.
Jaime: Gabriel Alvarado Hernán.
Anali: Gimena Gómez.

Creative team
Set designer and prop master: Kuartoh Arquitectura and Diseño.
Lighting designer: Lydia Margules.
Costume designer: Emilienne Limón.
Scenophony: Nanika Estudio.
Graphic designer: Leonor Hernández.


The prodigal father portrays the ambiguous relationships between the members of a family whose father (Hernán, a professor of literature at the University) left without saying goodbye 20 years ago and has not been in touch since. During these years, however, the family has kept its old structures intact, as if it were only a passing absence. The real crisis occurs when Hernán returns as if nothing had happened and everyone pretends that, like Odysseus, he takes the place he left years ago.

* Member of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte.