Bicentennial Karaoke

DramaFest presents a theatrical experience for 2 to be performed in the cafeteria of your choice. It is a menu of Mexican works from the last 200 years from which you can choose the dish that you like the most.

Light Menu

1.Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza.


Plot: Doña Matilde plans to escape from the house of her and her father Don Pedro, to marry Don Eduardo. For that to happen, she requires Bruno and the keys to the house; if Bruno doesn’t help her, she will take her life with some pills that she bought in in the apothecary. Damn apothecaries!

Genre: Comedy (in 2 short acts)

Approximate length: 15 minutes.

  1. Salvador Novo.

DIEGO AND BETTY. (circa 1953).

Plot: Betty is an American journalist who doesn’t even know where to start her interview with Diego Rivera, who involves her, with puns, in a cultured dialogue about politics, painting and food. Cannibalism is the natural form of nutrition… Mexicans have always been eating each other.

Genre: Comedy (in 2 short acts)

Approximate length: 15 minutes.

  1. Jorge Ibargüengoitia.


Plot: While walking towards the sanctuary, Juan meets María, who lives among onions, skins and animal heads, because her husband the Giant is a hunter. Juan falls in love with María and promises her to face the Giant. For you, I would be able … I would be able to work.

Genre: Comic farce.

Approximate length: 10 minutes.

Menu of Mythical Proportions
  1. Hugo Hiriart.


Argument: Minotastasio lives in a labyrinth and where he walks is always different, the rooms are never the same. His mother, Pasifae, feeds him chickens and crocodiles. He would like to be the same as everyone. Brief family scene. Maybe in a room that you haven’t visited there is someone like me … who talks and has horns and a tail.

Genre: Tragicomic farce (for children).

Approximate length: 10 minutes.

Main course

5.David Olguín.


Plot: Ana is the woman selected for a game that Freire has planned for his predilection. Ana accepts because she needs money, but she will realize that this Representation is not very pleasant. You are the person I need. You have the same look as my wife … the job is yours.

Genre: Black comedy.

Approximate length: 10 minutes.

  1. Luisa Josefina Hernández.


* (this dish contains items of mythical proportions).

Plot: The Dragon is about to devour Marta, who enters the forest to look for him because she is in love with him. Both of their destinies are accomplished. Love is not possible. Poetic dialogue. When I found out that there was a dragon in the forest, half man, half fish, with luminous wings and a tongue of fire, I could think of nothing but him.

Genre: Tragedy

Approximate length: 10 minutes.

  1. Elena Garro.

THE TREE. 1963

Characters: Marta (the owner) and Luisa (indigenous, Marta’s former maid)

Argument: Luisa is an indigenous woman who was raised by Marta many years ago. One afternoon Luisa reappears but she is no longer the person she used to be. Look, tree, I come to you to confess my sins, so that you can do me the favor of carrying them.

Genre: Thriller. Melodrama.

Approximate length: 20 minutes.

Children’s Menu

8.  Leonor Azcarate.




Venue 1
Place: Librería del Fondo de Cultura Económica “Rosario Castellanos”.
Tamaulipas 202, esquina Benjamín Hill Col. Hipódromo de la Condesa, Cuauhtémoc.

Venue 2
Place: Librería del Fondo de Cultural Económica “Octavio Paz”
Av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 115, Col. Chimalistac, Álvaro Obregón.



Director and texts curator: Ginés Cruz.
Voices: Alejandro Morales and Mahalat Sánchez.
Scenophony: Ricardo Cortés.