By: Verónica Musalém (Mexico) *
Director: Marion Potts (Australia).

Goyo: Jorge Avalos
Manuel: Rafael Pimentel Pérez
The Voice: Aída López
The young woman: Dalia Hernández (Xiuhcoatl).

Creative Team
Assistant director: Evan Regueira
Set designers:  Auda Caraza and Atenea Chávez *
Lighting designer:  Patricia Gutiérrez Arriaga *
Costume designer: Edyta Rzewuska.
Video and Sound designer:  TONO.
Graphic Designer: Leonor Hernández

* Member of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (FONCA)


In a mountain far away from everything, two curanderos (healers) have to make a human sacrifice, but they fall asleep due to the intoxicating effect of mezcal. Nowadays there are no human sacrifices, and because of this event, Goyo and Manuel are convinced that the gods are angry with them and they go into various journeys, geographical and interior, to a deep Mexico. Latitude is a journey that makes us reflect on violence and the loss of our sense of the sacred. In the play, the characters serve as a metaphor of the current world: there no longer are beliefs, in the sense of the mystical, of religion, of being connected to a magical world.

Mexico City.

Teatro El Granero del Centro Cultural del Bosque del INBA.
Centro Cultural del Bosque, Paseo de la Reforma y Campo Marte, Chapultepec, Polanco.
Date: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 5 to 28
Time: 20:00



Teatro Ocampo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca.
Hermenegildo Galeana 8, Centro, Cuernavaca, Morelos.
Date: September 6
Time: 19:00.