Shipwreck of the Future


By: Carlos Pascual (Mexico)
Director: Sasha Denisova (Russia)

Creative team
Set designer: Miguel Moreno
Assistant set designer: Alejandro Cano
Lighting designer: Edgar Mora
Prop master: Erick George
Costume designer: Jerildy Bosch
Assistant costume designer: Jesica Herrera
Sound designers: Sofi Mayen and Iñaki
Sound programming: Adonay Cabrera
Video designers: Jazzael  Saenz and Cristian Josafat
Assistant video designer: Odette García Cruz
Choreographer: Konstantin Chelkaev
Assistant director: Mikhail Shátin
Graphic Designer: Leonor Hernández

David Hevia
Erwin Veytia
Verónica Jalil



In 1529, the old master, Erasmus of Rotterdam, a professional hypochondriac, has been infected, according to him, with the English Plague or Hantavirus, a very similar strain to the current Coronavirus. Erasmus’ fixations are exacerbated by the health catastrophe, and he is obsessed with the impossibility of thinking, imagining and building the Future. Terror and “conspiracy theories” mix in his feverish mind, as well as the already unbearable weight of the religious conflict of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, whose solution seems to depend on the support that he wants to give to one side or the other. His maid, Aneska, cares for the Master and transforms herself into the public conscience by comforting and confronting him. What the old Master doesn’t need in this moment is the inappropriate visit of Martin Luther, who has a very contrasting personality: he is scandalous, reckless, frank, lustful and very politically affectionate.


Minimum age recommendation: 15 yo

Approximate duration: 110 min.




El Granero, Xavier Rojas theatre

Centro Cultural del Bosque.
December 07 to December 19
(except December 12)
Schedule: Tuesdays to Fridays 20:00
Saturday: 19:00 
Sunday: 18:00

“This program is public and it is unrelated to any political party. The use for other purposes other than those established in the program is prohibited.”