Protect me, instruct me

By: Marta Galán (Spain).

Creators and performers: Núria Lloansi, Juan Navarro and Yago Navarro.
Set designer and director: Marta Galán.
Music: H. F. von Biber.
Music composer and sound designer: Juan Navarro.
ADHD data and recording of interviews: Laia Manresa and Marta Galán.
ADHD first edition video: Sonia Bosma.
Sound and video recording and edition: Roger La Puente.
Lighting designer: Ana Rovira.


Protect me, instruct me takes as a starting point a documentary investigation on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Faced with the distressing and catastrophic prospects for the future, Nuria and Juan imagine subtly designed instructions that prepare Iago for extreme situations … And they do it in the organic, funerary and spiritual way: with goat examples, domestic natures, existential reflections, martial advice and Deadly accidents.


Saturday 29, 19:00. Sunday 30,18:00

Length: 01:10