The game of Clown

Teaches: Mylène Lormier.
Aimed at: Clowns, actors, stage creators and people interested in the art of clown


Workshop description:

To listen with the whole body and with all the heart whatever emerges in the present moment. To welcome and play with your emotions, your feelings, your sensations, your intuitions, your thoughts, the unforeseen.

To draw physically your inner drives. To be tirelessly surprised by your companions, the public, the space.

To gloat, to authorize oneself, to infringe, to overflow …

How the session will be carried out:

Relaxation: to evacuate your tensions, refine your sensitivity, make yourself available.

Exercises: On imagination, physical commitment, the audacity, the expressiveness, listening to oneself, to others, to the space.

Improvisations: the clown looks for himself, draws himself, creates his personality, tests his relationship with the public, with his companions, with objects, with space, discovers his obsessions, his passions, his emotional conflicts.

Mexico City.

Multiple use room Centro Cultural Helénico.
Dates: August 22 to 26
Time: 15:00 to 19:00


Multiple use room of Gran Museo de la Cultura Maya.
Dates: August 29 to September 2
Time:: 10:00 to 14: