By: Ernesto Anaya.
Director: José Antonio Cordero.

Violinist – Diego Jáuregui.
Swimmer – Enrique Arreola.
Soprano – Mónica Dionne.
Swimmer – Aurora Cano.

Director, space designer, sound and video designer: José Antonio Cordero.
Set and lighting designer: Ingrid SAC.
Assistant director: Abraham Tari.
Choreography:  Pilar Gallegos.
Costume designer: Oscar Olivier.
Costume maker: Erika Jiménez.
Music design: Heiko Kalmbach and José Antonio Cordero.

Here is a strange pool in which we find ourselves, without realizing it and intentionally, floating next to the characters since the first word in a fine sea of violence.

In Crawl, the relentless conflict advances and grows until it completely surpasses the limits of the human being, leaving the stranded characters in front of themselves.

Crawl is a text where the infinite games of language protect layers and layers of powerlessness in the face of the environment, in the face of others and one’s own destiny. All this immersed in the irremediable dry and sharp humor of someone who tries to solve their own frustration and where the survivors are surrendered heroes.

Faced with this story, one would have the feeling of having been mercilessly pushed into one of those plays that seem not to begin but to continue. Let everyone continue with their own journey, whether by boat, by swimming or as they can. Perhaps the coast is not that far.