By: Juha Jokela (Finland).
Director: Mario Espinoza (Mexico).

Creative Team
By:  Juha Jokela.
Director: Mario Espinoza.
Translation to Spanish: Maritza Núñez and Suvi Ollila.
Assistant director: Belén Aguilar.
Set designer:  Gloria Carrasco.
Costume designer: Edyta Rzewuska.
Lighting designer: Ángel Ancona.
Sound and video designer:  TONO-Rodrigo Vázquez.
Choreography: Lorena Glinz.
Assistant set and lighting designer:  Sebastián Solórzano.

Cast   (In order of appearance).
Seppo: José Carlos Rodríguez.
Theri: Marina Vera.
Mikke: Raúl Briones.
Tarmo: Juan Carlos Beyer.


The Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Hérdez and Dramafest announce the rerun of Mobile Horror on September 2 at Foro Shakespeare. A proposal with a current topic about the competition in the corporate world. Since it premiered, it has had great acceptance in the Theatre Festival: DramaFest.

This production is made with the fiscal stimulus of the article 226 Bis of LISR (Efiteatro)

Mobile Horror is the first play by the Finnish writer Juha Jokela with which obtained unanimous critical acclaim, quickly becoming one of Finland’s most successful playwrights. Mobile Horror has been translated into English, Swedish, German, French and Croatian and has even been made into a movie. The Mexican production of DramaFest makes its first version in Spanish.

It is a powerful comedy that investigates the contemporary business world, revealing its disturbing contradictions through humor and giving us the opportunity to reflect on the relationship that each of us has with our work and our values. With this play, Jokela opens the debate on work ethics within large corporations and monopolies in a growing industry such as telecommunications. Thereby, the story takes place inside the offices of a small company, that belongs to a multimillionaire cellphone company, in which its employees struggle to survive the tremendously fast and competitive market.

Come and discover the personal and professional entanglements in which the four characters are involved, exposing their lives and careers to danger….