The mist and the Crane


By:  Adriano Madriles (Mexico)
Director: Andrómeda Mejía (Mexico)

Creative team
Set and lighting designer:  Fernando Feres
Costume and make up designer:  Libertad Mardel
Sound designer:  Xico Reyes
Video designer:  Azael Saenz
Assistant director: Leticia Olvera
Assistant producer: Joseph Ramírez

Rosa María Bianchi
Miguel Flores


Mario and Elena are a septuagenarian couple who have had a love affair for the last fifteen years. Each date is always the same: They meet in a cable car and they spend a romantic weekend near the lake. But with the passing of time, the illness and the weariness of their daily lives will suspend the couple in the middle of an abyss where both will be overwhelmed by their deepest feelings. “Do we have something that is just ours?” This is now a question whose answer will remain in the air, in the middle of the thickest mist.

Mexico City

Teatro Santa Catarina / Teatro UNAM.
Jardín Sta Catarina 10, Santa Catarina, 04010, Mexico City
Dates: August 16 to September 2
Time: Thursday and Friday 20:00
Saturday 19:00, Sunday 18:00


Oaxaca City

Teatro Macedonio Alcalá
Av. de la Independencia 900, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax.
Date: September 5
Time: 20:00