Written and directed by:  Alfonso Cárcamo (Mexico)

Creative team
Stage device: Alejandra Quijano
Costume designer:  Gabriela Liévanos
Choreography: Claudia Desimone
Video designer:  Gabriela Liévanos and Héctor Almazán
Girl in video: Celeste
Graphic Designer: Leonor Hernández
Illustrator: Ana «Azul» Hinojosa
Marketing: Anibal Rodríguez
General production coordinator: Dora Cordero
Executive producer and assistant director: Gabriel Díaz

Ada, mother: Dora Cordero
Marie, eldest daughter: Pía Watson
Sophie, middle daughter: Estefanía Hinojosa
Lisa, youngest daughter: Paulette Hernández


Ada is a doctor in physics and since she was very young, she held a research project to generate an electronic support model to record memories that could correct negative behaviors in human beings, a memory machine. Paradoxically, upon reaching middle age and without completing her research, she becomes ill with Alzheimer’s.

The piece takes as a leitmotif the list of daily tasks that the mother must carry out to sustain herself in the present, lists that her three daughters make daily in an attempt to maintain order and contain the impulsive nature of her mother. The play turning point takes place on the day that one of the daughters alters that order and thereby detonates Ada’s most lucid moment in years.


Mexico City performance dynamics CDMX

Week 1: Mother and eldest daughter

Week 2: Mother and middle daughter

Week 3: Mother and youngest daughter

Mexico City

Un Teatro.
Av. Nuevo León 46, frente al Parque España, Condesa, Mexico City
Dates: August 17  to September 2
Time: Thursday and Friday 20:45
Saturday 19:15 and Sunday 18:15
*Monday 20 special show 20:00


Oaxaca City

Private House
Date: September 7
Time: 20:00
*Address to be confirmed