End in peace

Written and directed by: Mohamed El Khatib.
Translation and subtitles: María Pinto D’Aguiar.

Visual surrounding: Fred Hocké.
Sound surrounding: Nicolas Jorio.
Technical director: Zacharie Dutertre.
Executive producer: Martine Bellanza.
Translation for subtitles: María Pinto D’Aguiar.

End in peace is the narration of the author’s internal collapse, suffered as a result of the death of his mother on February 20, 2012. The play materializes in a random narrative, composed by extracts from his diary, emails, telephone messages, texts, fragments from interactions with his father, recordings and transcribed videos. The absent mother becomes the protagonist of a documentary fiction that evokes the deepest feelings of the author. The narrative is irregular, like any process of mourning and memory, and is accompanied by photography and video from the life of the author. The images are delicate evocations of his family, country, native language, memories and mourning. Alone on stage, Mohamed El Khatib takes his own story to portray the fragility of humanity at the moment of death.

Mexico City.

Teatro Helénico.
Dates: August 17 & 18
Time: 20:30